Examination light EMALED® 202 D

The EMALED 202 D examination light, intended for ceiling mounting, offers optimal, glare-free illumination of the treatment area for all medical examinations.
Thanks to the height-adjustable spring arm and the 360° horizontal rotation, the lamp can be brought into any desired position.

Features and characteristics:

  • Natural color rendering
  • Barely noticeable warming of the light head
  • No movable parts in the lamp body - low maintenance
  • 5-level brightness control
  • Two detachable and sterilizable handles are included (additional handles can be ordered any time)
  • 5-level color temperature control
  • Long service lifetime of the light sources of at least 60,000 hours.

Technical details of EMALED® 202 D

Maximum illumination of the surgical field 50.000 lx
Color temperature 3.500 - 5.000 K
Color rendering index 97±2 Ra
Power consumption 10 VA
Life expectancy of LED ́s 60.000 h

Datasheet EMALED 202 D