Examination light EMALED® 202 W

The EMALED 202 W examination light intended for wall mounting is characterized by high mobility and good positioning of the light body and thus ensures optimal light in the operation room.
It can be used over a couch or over a treatment chair.

Features and characteristics:

  • Natural color rendering
  • Barely noticeable warming of the light head
  • No movable parts in the lamp body - low maintenance
  • 5-level brightness control
  • Two detachable and sterilizable handles are included (additional handles can be ordered any time)
  • 5-level color temperature control
  • Long service lifetime of the light sources of at least 60,000 hours.

Technical details of EMALED® 202 W

Maximum illumination of the surgical field 50.000 lx
Color temperature 3.500 - 5.000 K
Color rendering index 97±2 Ra
Power consumption 10 VA
Life expectancy of LED ́s 60.000 h

Datasheet EMALED 202 W